Sunday, June 10, 2007

The New Group

FACTNET is planning to close. I'm taking care to create a new group.

You are invited to be part of our Social Network.


Alaska Welcome

Hello Members from New Testament Christian Church in Alaska.


I'm so sorry I need to spend my time here to let the people know about what happen inside this organization.

I know many brothers, sisters and Pastors have a real love for Jesus . Those are the real Christians. But those like R.W Davis, M. C Kekel and Olson. Oh, my God. These individuals need to go again to the waters. These individual do not deserve anything.

God Bless You and Please visit again and write something. This can be more interesting.


Your " So Called Brother"

God Bless You and RUN


Thanks for visit my blog. This blog was created after several real experiences inside the New Testament Christian Church in Graham Washington.

If you came across this blog is because God wants to let you know that you are in the wrong church or at least in one that things are not like seem to the naked eye. I know it is very difficult to find a church very conservative like New Testament Christian Church but the truth is a lot of things happen behind the scene.

God Bless You

I hope you can understand why I create this blog a few months ago.

Your "So Called Brother"

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Google Group Created


Thanks again by stop in my blog to read something new or something old.

It is new Google Group created to discuss about this organization New Testament Christian Churches of America.

See you later.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Dream

Hi Readers,

I'm alive. The thing is I have been doing a lot of things at the same time. I know many readers visit the page every day to get something in the head to think about and share with other brothers and sisters inside the organization. For Good or for Bad. My opinions are the truth of my experiences inside this organization.

But let talk a little about what is going on. Yesterday a brother from New Testament Christian Church approach me to talk about: What is going on because I haven't visited the church?

But the amazing about this is not what I told him is about what happen the night before while I was sleeping.

I never have dreams I don't like dreams. That night I got a dream about people from New Testament Christian Churches in my house and approaching to me to talk about what happen with us. I talk loud and kicked them out of the house and I told them different things. Not gross/bad words. Only the reality.

The most interesting and weird event in the morning I told my wife about my dream and she told me: " I got the same dream last night"

But everything made sense when this "Spy" ( He is not the "So Called Pastor" he is the right hand) got to my place(not my house but he found me) and ask me about us.

He is looking for an answer and I will tell him the reality about what is going on.

I told him about I feel. I told him a few things and not all the reasons. I told him about my case and not about other cases I have found in the Internet.

This is really sad for me and it is honestly a bad spot for me and my family. I really wish things were different but that is only a dream in my head.

Also I'm so sorry so many people are good people and are completely blind about these leaders. In fact the "So Called Pastor" is blind too. He is working for the organization. I was asking my self the other day: " So this man has 39 or 4.. something years old and he doesn't have a place to live? He depend on the church? But my other question is: " So I suppose Kekel has a nice structure?" Talk about the Davis is waste my time because he is the owner of the organization and I know he is Business Man and not anymore as how he started as a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus. He preach to let the people know about his opinions are.

The only I want to say is all the people is different. So the bottom line is as a preacher in the Altar of the Living God you need to respect the members of that church. You are not God or the parents of those members to tell them about how the life is suppose to be looking through your eyes.

Remember your are an instrument of God and not God. Instrument doesn't mean that you will mix your opinions and your interest with the interest of Jesus. I know that you know that the only interest of Jesus is give us life in abundance. But I don't know your interest in your heart and only God knows. I'm not sure how deep this business is in your heart. The money machine of the Church. Nice dream live like the Kekel's family without work.

This is my new posting and I hope you enjoy it and share with your friends and brothers of what is going on in the life of others.

Jesus is precious. He is the Gentleman of the Cross".

Thanks your " So- Called Brother"

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hello to St.Louis and Independence in Missouri New Testament Christian Churches Brothers

Are you from New Testament Christian Church in Missouri?

Do you live close to the Tabernacle?

I don't recommend you to visit this site so often if you are inside New Testament Chistian Church 'cause you will read things you won't enjoy.

Sorry but I need to talk the truth about this organization and I'm in the way to write more.

Have a good one!

God Bless you from a "So- Called Christian"

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Are you prepare for the Conference?

Hey New Testament Christian Churches Folks,

Are you ready for the Conference in the Tabernacle?

Are you prepare to spend your leave time on the Conference of the New Testament Christian Churches of America?

Are you ready to pay for all? Nice.

Are you so stupid to drive from Washington State to Missouri? Oh Boy. Oh sorry you like to drive long distance.